It was Vitantonio Di Marzo who initiated an organic and rational management of the family vineyards in the early 70s, replanting the land inherited from his father.

Today Stefano, his son, takes care of the management of the family farm, in an area where the nature of the land makes the difference. Tufo has linked its economy to the sulfur mines discovered in 1866 for years, and this explains why sulfur and its moods are so rooted in the history of this land, in fact it is possible to find a subtle note even in the scent of Greco.

The company today produces:

• Greco di Tufo on 5 farms, strategically located in the most suitable wine-growing areas of Tufo: Vignale, Ripa ai Corvi, Serrone, Torricino, Maurisi.

• Fiano di Avellino in Ventole, in Serra di Pratola.

• Aglianico in Lampenne in the municipality of Montemarano

Our vineyards today are between six and twenty-five years old, with a density per hectare of almost three thousand stumps in the youngest vineyards. The Guyot farms are replanted on American foot after the phylloxera invasion.

It is manually harvested between the end of September and the beginning of November.

"The first rule concerns the care of the vineyard. The Earth is part of our life and having a small area has favored a direct and immediate relationship in us, so we take care of the Earth as our home".


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